About NEM 3.0

The Government has introduced the Net Energy Metering Scheme in November 2016 with quota allocation of 500 MW up to year 2020 to encourage Malaysia’s Renewable Energy (RE) uptake. The concept of NEM is that the energy produced from the solar PV installation will be consumed first, and any excess will be exported to TNB at prevailing displaced cost.

As an effort to encourage the NEM uptake, the NEM 2.0 was introduced on 1st January 2019, and the true net energy metering concept was adopted, where it allows excess solar PV generated energy to be exported back to the grid on a “one-on-one” offset basis. The NEM scheme were executed by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA), regulated by the Energy Commission (EC), with Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia as the Implementing Agency (IA). The 500MW quota under the NEM 2.0 has been fully subscribed by 31st December 2020.

Due to overwhelming response from the PV industry and in an effort to boost the usage of Solar energy, the Energy and Natural Resources Minister via a press statement by KeTSA on 29th December 2020 has introduced the new Net Energy Metering 3.0 programme (NEM 3.0) to provide more opportunities to electricity consumers to install solar PV systems on the roofs of their premises to save on their electricity bill. The NEM 3.0 will be in effect from 2021 to 2023 and the total quota allocation is up to 800 MW. The NEM 3.0 will be divided into the following three (3) new initiatives/categories :-


Quota Allocation (MW)

Quota Opening Date

NEM Rakyat Programme


1st February 2021 – 31st December 2023

NEM GoMEn Programme (Government Ministries and Entities)


1st February 2021 – 31st December 2023

NOVA Programme (Net Offset Virtual Aggregation)


1st April 2021 – 31st December 2023

Information extracted from SEDA