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Solar PV Solutions Provider in Malaysia

At Pekat, we are a solar PV supplier that specialises in supplying high-quality solar photovoltaic systems in Malaysia, and also provide earth termination system and surge protection system (earthing & lightning protection) solutions across various projects. 

We have made it our goal to supply the best systems solutions, which has led us to being one of the most successful earthing & lightning, and solar PV system suppliers in Malaysia. 

We work with you to understand your needs and provide a solution that meets them. From initial design through installation, we’re committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

Earthing & Lightning Protection

During an unintended electrical events, such as a short circuit, power surge or lightning strike, the unintended electricity will flow from the power source through the earth continuity conductors into the earth lead and then into the earth electrode, where it is dissipated into the earth

Solar PV

We offer a comprehensive Solar Photovoltaic one-stop solution, with the objective of helping our customers to prioritise and manage energy costs through a strategic energy management system.

Why Should You Install
A Solar PV System In Malaysia?


  • Lower Your Monthly Electricity Bills

You probably already know that the price of energy is on the rise, so it is financially beneficial to generate your own power and avoid paying growing rates.

  • Minimise Your Carbon Emissions

Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of energy that will help reduce your carbon footprint by minimising greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Low Maintenance Cost

A solar PV system has no moving parts, so after the initial investment, there would be minimal costs for maintenance and repairs.


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Lightning and Solar PV Company in Malaysia

Pekat’s services are available throughout Malaysia, so if you’re in need of a reliable solar PV system supplier or a specialist in earthing & lightning protection solutions, simply contact us now!

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