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Making solar power for homes more accessible

WRITER : Natalie Khoo
PUBLISHER : The Edge Prop

“We are looking to equip an average of 6,000 houses a year over the next five years for the secondary market, excluding working hand in hand with developers [for new residential projects]. We expect the numbers to balloon up very quickly,” says Solaroo director Johann Sze. Solaroo is a one-stop solar-energy solution centre under Pekat.The group, which started out in 1999 under the name Pekat Teknologi Sdn Bhd as a provider of design, supply, distribution and installation of lightning protection, earthing and surge protection technology, is now also a solar PV specialist. If its performance is anything to go by, the public reception on solar energy seems to be looking up.

“We realise that for a lot of solar systems, one pain point is the maintenance, because a few years down the road, users may have to replace one big part of the solar panel. Then, it becomes very costly, which they may not want to pay. “The efficiency of the solar panels come down by about 0.55% a year. At the end of the 25-year life, we are looking at a minimum operating efficiency of 85%. The manufacturers also provide a performance warranty for 25 years,” Sze elaborates.

Hence, the birth of Solaroo, a one-stop solar energy solution with a five-year full repayment inclusive of insurance and maintenance. “So, what we did for Solaroo was that we found the most efficient way to include warranties, replacements and insurance into the cost, so that every year you just pay us a fixed fee. If any issue arises during that one year, we can solve nine out of 10 of those issues without extra charges. In the worst-case scenario, we will sit down with the client to explain what the issue is and delve deep into it so that the client understands,” Sze adds.

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