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Hoymiles – Microinverters

Authorised Distributor in Malaysia.

With Hoymiles, you’ll get industry-leading microinverters with the lowest failure rates and premium components. So you can maximize your yield, eliminate wasted electricity, and accelerate your journey to open energy.

Efficient conversion guaranteed
Converting energy from DC to AC doesn’t have to create huge levels of waste. Our microinverters come backed by up to 96.7% CEC peak efficiency – so you can optimize your use of solar and get more from your installation.

Solar that starts when you do
With high start-up voltages, string inverters only work when the sun is shining strong. Microinverters start at very low voltages, so your production happens from sunrise to sunset for a yield that’s 1.5% higher.

Always-on solar energy
Microinverters realize the true potential of solar by giving you seamless, always-available performance. If one module fails or runs into issues, the rest of your system stays up and running at peak performance.

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